Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Works for me Wednesday

So my WFMW thing is how I organize doing my housework. :)

I know...thrilling eh!
BUT for someone who isn't the world's greatest house-keep, being semi-organized helps.

So Mondays I do nothing except morning dishes and not even those if my hubbie really wants to get out the door as in yesterday. :)

Tuesday - Laundry, marvellous laundry, plus usually sweeping the floor, giving a once over to the living room, tidying the stairs, and so on. Basically whatever I can fit in around laundry, marvellous laundry. :)

Wednesday - clean out the piggies, every other week I give the kitchen a good going over - including washing the floor (no mop, just a good hands and knees jobbie), usually do the fish tanks too.

Thursday - upstairs is done. some weeks better than others. Once a month (is the aim anyways) the dogs get a bath.

Friday - whatever is leftover from the week that particularly needs attentioning.

Saturday - clean out the piggies, tidy kitchen, and whatnot.

I know, not terribly organized, but better than completely winging it which means things get forgotten (and that's not a good thing with a wee one in the house). And everything has to fit around everything else we do AND an active little 18 month old boy. On busy days... it don't get done! :)


Q&Q said...

I think that's great. I organize my homekeeping too but I have gotten off track. I need to re-read my own articles (
Today I dusted and cleaned part of the kitchen.
Great post.

Carey said...

Its great to have a plan.