Friday, August 27, 2010


I have a little boy who is totally fascinated by this website I found.

Build a Toy Robot.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Paris Fair

Next week the paris fair is on.

I'm wondering if we'll make it out.

Splash N' Boots is playing.....

here's the brochure so you can check out the details.

We HOPE to take the lad to the wiggles

they are coming to the john labatt centre in October, we hope to go.
Depends if tickets are an arm and a leg or not.

The wiggles.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Time to Return Books

these are the books that Our boy borrowed over the last six weeks:

Little Lions

this book was a huge favourite. Just loved this book. It's a simple read, good contrasts, and caused questions to be asked. Good book.

Magic Thinks Big

This was another favourite. Magic is a real cat! Simple book. Made the boy laugh at times, and at other times ask questions. Decent book.


Not a book to read while a child is playing, this book needs to be viewed. made a boy child laugh. :) Just a fun book to read for parent and child.

Little bunny's cool tool set

Nice book, the lad read this one over and over and over, and even acted it out in his play time. Easy one for parents to read as well.

The Third story cat

Silly cat! mommy, look at that cat! :)
a nice book to read, good pictures that fit the words of the story well. Lots to see and look at and a good read as well. Kudos all round. Another favourite.

Sneakers, the Seaside Cat.

Excellent Illustrations, a book that taught the boy about the sea without being overly factual. Thoroughly enjoyed this book and thought it funny that a cat could be scared of a bird. And well ...that crab! :) read it, enjoy it, have your child ask questions and learn as well. A favourite here.

Little Bunny's Preschool Countdown

This book was enjoyed as well, just not as much as the tool box one. Good graphics that fit the story, and well thought out how to present a preschooler's uncertainty about school.


Yes, we got tiger out again. A favourite of our boy. A young tabby cat who wants to act like a tiger. Good book.

The bouncy baby bunny

"mommy, why did that stinky skunk not listen to the bunnies?"
Joan Bowden writes a good story here, it was thoroughly enjoyed by the lad and was a frequent choice for bed time reading, and sometimes day time reading as well. :)

The Whisperer

yes, we got this book out for the umpteenth time! Not as much a favourite this time around, but it had to compete against little bunny, tiger and sneakers! :) A good book, a good read for parent and child.

V for Vanishing

The lad wasn't a fan of this book. he liked a couple of the pages, but never willingly chose this book to read.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lovely Day today

First off...I SLEPT IN!!! yes, rather unheard of...but yes indeedy...I slept in. :)

Then we got the bunnies done, Jim even cleaned out a camping thing that I've been meaning to get to but didn't.

Ate a quick breakfast.

Then off to Teo and Sieka's for a church picnic. Good time had by all. Good food followed by swimming.

To London to go to Tiger Direct. We got sidetracked by a children's festival held at a high school. Jumping in a bouncey thing, reading a fun book, setting off pop bottle rockets, taking part in a potatoe sack race, and then hitting a pinata. The pinata part was rather poorly organized as some little children got hurt in the mad rush to get candy.

Then off to Tiger Direct so that Jim could get a new monitor. They had external hard drives on sale so we got one of those as well.

Then home to do some homeschooling and have supper and relax a bit. (well.. okay...dishes need to be done yet). but overall we'll be able to relax a bit.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Today's Satisfaction

Many of you know that I have a part-time job on Fridays. I work at Subway. I normally work 11-2:30 but that's changed recently. My hours are a bit more varied on Fridays and I'm never sure how late I'll work and sometimes I"m let go at 2 (which I would rather not have).

ANYWAYS, That tends to make Friday mornings busy at home with me just doing this that and the other thing before I go to work, but today Justin REALLY wanted to play with me, and said you know what buddy? why don't we do some school. And... so we did some school. he did some counting and he did some mazes that we found on-line. And we even left the browser window open so Daddy could find a maze to do as well. It was a good time together.

Then I had to leave for work and... today was a fun day at work. I teased the girls, they teased me and it was all good fun. We chatted, we worked and life was good. Worked until 4. We're training new staff now since many of the students have left to go to College/university. Always and interesting time doing that.

After work I did a mystery shop and then had to do the report when I got home. Watched a bit of a movie with the lad and dad. and then we sliced beans. I had picked up six quarts of broad beans at the Farmer's Market on Thursday evening and do them up tonight. All three of us took turns slicing them. Did them in the living room as that was the only place the slicer would work. jim and Justin had supper followed by Justin and I picking grass for the bunnies (and having a friendly chat with our neighbour). Had snack, and then a boy went to bed. After he went to bed I processed up the beans and.. I SHOULD be in bed by midnight!

Tomorrow we have a church picnic to attend. Jim made a cucumber salad. I'll need to figure something out for a dessert... maybe some two bite banana brownies. Justin likes those.... (as well as his parents) (grin).

anywho.... see you all another time. :)