Friday, April 22, 2005


Funny how it is. Here we are expecting our baby in the 8 weeks and everywhere we go, we are seeing babies and/or pregnant women. I find it interesting. Generally speaking I really don't pay alot of attention to that, but now it's like I can't avoid it. We met a wee 6 week old just the other day, and his mom kept's not a bad as you think it will be... really. :) It's like she was trying to convince herself the way she kept emphasizing it.

Do I get concerned a bit when I think of the actual labour part of having a baby? Yep! From what I read, some women get overwhelmed that they just kinda shut down and their partners and/or care practitioners have to get mad at them in order to get them to continue doing their job (having the baby). If that would happen I wouldn't be particularly thrilled with the whole process. So that's a concern. Hopefully though, with having the baby at home, there is less of a concern for that because I'll be at home where I feel safe and comfortable and to a certain extent in control of what happens in life. And all that helps with not feeling overwhelmed by the whole labour process. And having a mid-wife that I can trust is really good too!

People keep asking if we are really excited about having a baby. It's hard to know how to answer them sometimes. Do I look forward to having a baby? Yes. I do. But at the same time, I'm not wild with excitement ... I feel more calm about it than excited generally speaking. Am I aware that I am pregnant? Very much so... it's like I can't escape it now! I have a bigger belly, the baby kicks alot, it's getting harder to get comfortable, and some things are much harder to do now. :) But that's all to be expected. Can't say that I'm always thrilled about the changes in my body, and sometimes I just don't like it at all, it's like my body is not my own anymore. But generally speaking I really don't mind as it prepares me for all the changes in my life that will happen after the baby is born too!

Anyways, enough for today...