Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vacation run through

No pictures in this post as I don't have them downloaded at this time. :)

Okay.. got back yesterday from being on Vacation.
We camped at fanshawe park conservation area in London. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were not in any huge rush to come home.

We took Milo (the cat) with us since we lost Sparks on the day we left. Milo LOVES being with his people and made an excellent camping cat. I enjoyed having him with us except for.. CAT LITTER EVERYWHERE! we MUST find a way to get rid of the cat litter everywhere before we let him be a camp cat again.

What else?

We took in Storybrook Gardens, saw a movie "mr. popper's penguins", took in the hometown folk festival, and the Ontario science centre.

We swam alot. Had friends over twice. Justin played with several other camp children and had a hoot. Walked trails, biked, and just relaxed. we played, looked for bugs (brought some home), and had water gun fights. It was all in all a lovely time.

We did have a couple of blips.
1. Having to put Sparks down before we left
2. campfire ban the last week
3. discovering the van has issues... problems with ground wire spots rusting out, but gives Jim a task to figure out and caused some stress times.
4. worry about rabbit care since the weather was VERY hot

All that aside though, and life worked out pretty good for us over the past two weeks.
Ate too much (including junk food), gained some weight but that can be shed again, but spent good time as family. Today comes the clean up from that.

OH... we did get a new cat. He's just a baby kitten yet. He's a spunky lad who was found in the middle of the street (Wellington and Exeter in London) when he was just a tiny baby cat. He'll have to learn that we are safe good people to be with, but he'll add a different personality to our household. :)

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

christian carnival ii - July 6, 2011

Due to time constraints, I used the insta-carnival maker this week. As I have time I'll go through and tweak things. :)

Welcome to the July 6, 2011 edition of christian carnival ii.

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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Overdone things a bit

so we've had a fairly busy, followed by a busy Saturday biking and playing and doing things in the sun. Followed by a late night watching fireworks.

So I had a sulky sounding boy to put to bed last night, and a sulky sounding one this morning.... to be followed by a boy who tossed his breakfast up.

FORTUNATELY...my boy is a helpful lad in that he holds it in, and uses a cup and tells us when we need to stop the car (we went out to Clinton this morning to deliver a couple of rabbits and to do a spot of yard-saling). Sold the bunnies, found Jim a hand held auger (for putting holes in the ground for his workout thingey), and bought a change of clothes for the lad at the Rack and Room thrift store.

Then home with a sleeping boy, and a good time relaxing on the couch.

At 115 p.m. he asked for some crackers/cheese and a drink. by 2 p.m. he was sounding a bit better. Still not quite himself yet, we'll encourage him to continue to just sit and relax and not be busy, and he'll have crackers/cheese/banana for supper and then to bed early. Hopefully that will completely get him back up on his feet.