Friday, January 27, 2006

Life is interesting

My son has 6 months, 3 weeks of age, discovered the joy of STANDING!!! Woohoo!!!!! He pulls himself up on EVERYTHING, me, the furniture, the toys, the crib, you name it he has it nailed. He's also learned to come to me when I say Justin, come to mommy. Now that is fun to watch. He even walks abit using one of his toys, he just has a blast.

Tonight we played ball with the younger dog Sassy. Sassy hasn't decided if Justin is a good thing in life or not, so I try to take moments to encourage her to like him and not be jealous of him. He often helps me feed the dogs, touch the dogs, and so forth. Well tonight we played ball. Sassy jumped and fetched. Justin giggled and laughed. And Sassy got more wired and eager to play. Fun to watch, and hopefully will imprint good thoughts on Saasy's brain.

He is just so very much fun! so bright and into absolutely everything. Godis so gracious in allowing us to raise him thus far.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Can You Believe It?

The Phillistine
You scored 32% Pride, 15% Envy, 60% Ambition, and 37% Deceitfulness!

You are the Phillistine, a citizen of a nation that rivaled Israel. You
inhabited the land of Canaan (i.e. the promised land) before the
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In many respects, you had much in common with the other settlers in the
land of Canaan. You were a humble farmer, attempting to eke out a
decent living in a harsh world. You had a great love for the land and
the people around you. People in the community could always count on
you for comfort or support. However, unlike the other settlers in this
area, you were quite ambitious. So ambitious, that you wanted to defy
the armies of God and challenge them for their claim to the promised
land. You are not one to be deceptive, so you usually challenged the
armies of God directly and made no effort to cover up your dislike for
them. In the 21st century, you continue this pattern of behavior in
your dealings with other people. There's nothing wrong with ambition
per se, but when ambition puts you in opposition to God, well then,
that makes you a biblical villain.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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Monday, January 16, 2006

just a short chat

The boy is sitting in my lap so I can't write too long today. :) Blessing in disguise maybe? :)

Anyways, my hubbie seems to be getting either more confident in his abilities or just braver or something...but today he changed the oil in the car! My car to be's a mazda protege. He's never struck me as the car-type...and here he is getting more into getting car things done. I think it's totally cool. :) And I love watching his sense of accomplishment. :) It's fun.

The boy...he gave me three good nights of sleep last week. I had SO MUCH ENERGY!!!! I Cleaned the basement!!!!! It was so nice having my energy back!!! :)
...but last night he was up to his old tricks of...MOMMMY....I CAN"T SLEEP ALONE......MOMMY!.... COME...... So i'm just a bit tired of him today. But overall he's a good boy.

Oh...update on Dad. Called my mom this morning, seems he might be let out to Palmerston hospital this week. He's doing says he has lots of ups and downs and doesn't look forward to being in hospital for three months. It'll be nice when he's back up to Palmerston though.

Anyways, the boy wants to be off doing stuff so I'll be off too.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

My Dad

So, My dad has been in hospital since Dec. 12. He went in for surgery on his hip. He had two hip replacements done about 5-6 years ago. The one went well, the other has been a problem since day one.

The doctors discovered about two months ago that the surgery was done incorrectly which led to an infection in his bones, the pin was loose and so forth. Therefore TWO surgeries would be needed to correct the problem. The first to clean up and heal the infection, the other to do a proper hip replacement.

It has not been easy for my parents. Dad hates not feeling well, and doesn't do well being confined to a bed or wheelchair. BUT they were making the best of it. Well, then Dad got a clot in his leg. Not a good thing, but deal-with-able. BUT the clot decided it didn't want to stay there and part of it moved to his lung. NOT such a good thing. Dad thought he was going to die, and apparently he is one of the lucky ones, most folks die within the first hour of getting a pulmonary embolism. God must have further need for him here on earth...that is all I can credit it too. It is a bad clot...affected his left lung very much so, and his right lung just a bit. This is serious stuff.

I hate seeing them like this. I really wish it wasn't so. His second surgery has been put off until he is all healed up from the clots. They have him on meds that he tends not to do well on, so life won't be very fun for him for the next while. And then another surgery to look up against. God is being leaned on very much by my family. Please, if you read this, keep us in your prayers.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Harry Potter Quiz

Okay...this one I just LOVED who I turned out to be. :) Made me Laugh Out Loud!

You scored as Albus Dumbledore. Strong and powerful you admirably defend your world and your charges against those who would seek to harm them. However sometimes you can fail to do what you must because you care too much to cause suffering.

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Remus Lupin


Harry Potter


Severus Snape


Draco Malfoy


Hermione Granger


Sirius Black


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Lord Voldemort


Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
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Anger Management?

I can't say I really liked this quiz...but I did like the picture it came up with for me. :)

You scored as your super fine. your great you deffenetly dont have anger management problemes!keep it up!

your super fine




Anger Problems BIG time!


**Do you have anger management problems?**
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What is your model of the church?

I thought this quiz was interesting

You scored as Herald Model. Your model of the church is Herald. The organization of the church is much less important than the urgency of announcing the Good News of salvation to all the world. The Holy Spirit moves the individual to belief in Jesus Christ and to do the will of the Father by sharing this message with others. As with other models, the narrowness of this model could be supplemented by drawing on other models.

Herald Model


Mystical Communion Model


Sacrament model


Servant Model


Institutional Model


What is your model of the church? [Dulles]
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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Well, well, well

So my hubbie was an absolute sweetheart today. Despite not feeling well, he took our son Justin with him to London while he ran some errands with his mom. He gifted me with four hours alone in our home. FOUR WHOLE HOURS COMPLETELY TO MYSELF! Did I use the time wisely??? Not sure, I cleaned out the guinea pigs, had a VERY long bath (yes, I know a huge water waster that was!), read a couple of books, did a load of laundry and walked the dogs. It was a nice afternoon. :) I had hoped to do some scrapbooking but I got hungry so I make myself a small meal instead.

So anyways, he gets back with the boy, he's all tired and achy feeling and looking, and when he's like that I can't do anything to make him feel better. Sometimes I feel so helpless to help him feel better! The best I can do is offer him support and prayer and let God heal him and rest him up.

My boy is growing and developing. I find it hard to figure him out, one day he'll happily sleep for me, and other's like dragging nails across aboard to get him to rest. he gets himself rather overtired sometimes. Tonight I let him cry for a bit. He was acting so tired but wanting to see everything he was! All those AH! AH!!! sounds he makes. And reaching and being so determined to get what he wants. For instance tonight he discovered that if he pushes off of one side of the tub, and reaches up he can get his hands on top of the tub, then he can pull himself up to a standing position. Granted Mommy is right there to stablize him (lest he bonk his head), but WOW!!! He is standing and being a strong tall boy and he gets SO very excited. He gets mad though when there is water in the tub and he can't get the grip that he wants. He tries and tries and then AHH!!!! MOMMMY!!!! He cries and looks so plaintive.... then we call the bath quits and get ready for bed.

It amazes me sometimes that God brought this little fellow into our lives. Ps. 139 says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. I see this little boy and I can't help but see the truth in that statement. :) God knows us right from the beginning. Sometimes I wonder what God's plan is for our son's life. I just pray that God will draw our son into relationship with him and that as he does so, that Jim and I are able to nurture that relationship. Time will tell.

Oh, Marlene from church stopped in this morning. I like her, she is a neat lady. Anyways, I was telling her this morning that even though it has taken me almost 6 months to come to this conclusion that I will do my best to raise this boy and not worry about what everyone else has to say about it. Justin is an odd boy in in his lack of sleeping! And his lack of being on a schedule. But he is our boy, and I can afford to be flexible with him since I don't have to head off to work. I can work my day around his needs. I think that this is a much healthier approach for me to take. :) And yes, at some point Justin will be told...No, you can't do that now, mommy has to do thus and such. But at this point in his life he doesn't quite understand that. :) So we work with where he is at and go from there.

Enough for today, time for this tired momma to head off to bed.