Sunday, September 18, 2005

Taking a Break

It has been an interesting couple of weeks.
Katrina blows through and makes a mess of things in the states. On the news we see pictures of the horrible destruction caused by this hurricane. New Orleans is mostly underwater. People are acting like the sinful people that we are...looting, shooting, giving authorities lots of attitude, showing their racial and economic biases, not caring for others properly and so forth. But we are also starting to see more of the better side of mankind...people coming out and providing care for the less fortunate, dogs and cats being rescued, clean-up has started. It is good to see that starting to come out as well. It's hard just seeing all the bad things that people can do being displayed in the media.

The whole family caught a cold! Boy was that a tiring couple of weeks. Justin ended up sleeping with his mamma because he was so raspy sounding for a few days. All seems better now though. :) This was through all the big hoopla about the hurricane which made it all seem worse too. Not always sure why things work out like that, but when you are feeling bad yourself, when bad things happen to other people it whole world is crashing in. :) Good time to remind oneself that God indeed is in control of all that happens.

We finally had a chance to go camping! Justin was a good camper. :) That was so nice to learn and to see. Things went well. We didn't go far from home because it was a first go for us, and since it went so well we are feeling much better about going farther away in a couple of weeks. My hubbie is part of the Magical Flying Camper Club on-line. He has lots of fun chatting with all these camper people and they are having a thanksgiving get-together so he said "won't it be fun to join them?" So that is where we are headed for the thanksgiving weekend. I hope he won't expect me to do lots of socializing....I camp to get away from it all too...but some socializing is fun too! Just not 24/7! I do expect it will be a good amount of fun though.

Friday afternoon Justin got his first set of shots. He was not impressed after it was over. He liked meeting the doctor, and didn't notice the first shot, but the second one just made him hollar! He really needed to be with his mamma that night! Good thing that God made us people that need to be in relationship with each other. He made the lack of sleep that night worthwhile for me in that I was able to comfort and care for my little boy. But all was well in the morning...good enough that we went to our annual church fair. It was a good day. Lots of people that we knew met him for the first time so that was fun.

Today is the 55th anniversary at my parent's church. Since Jim is their moderator he will be preaching there. It means an early start for us. It should be a good time. We are part of the Reformed Church of America denomination. Here is their website: It is interesting to be able to look back to see what God has done over the years with his people. Makes me wonder sometimes where he will take us in the future. We do as a people though, need to stay focused on staying true to his word. There are things in the church that I find really troubling, and it is my constant prayer that we would return to the truth of God's word. That we would return to being a people of prayer, a people who live in the joy of fearing God. If we don't, I really wonder what will happen to this denomination in the future, and what it means to our witness to the world at large. But today is day to celebrate what God has done for us! Let us rejoice in that! And pray for future celebrations!!!!