Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Crying and Whining

So my boyo has apparently entered the "terrible twos" with gusto!

Boy does this little man know what he wants....now if only he knew all the words to go with it! Unfortunately with gusto does not include a lot of words yet. His gusto comes complete with pulling, pointing and yes...the all important crying.

Sometimes the crying works and well....sometimes it doesn't.

Like in many families there is some differences in parenting methods. My husband is a bit more "what I say goes" type of parent. I'm a fairly lenient parent but there are somethings that I do say no to as well. AND I'm learning that what my hubbie says no to, often there is good reason for as well. :) In time I'm sure my boyo will come to the understanding of why we say no, but right now he's just not there yet.

All I can say is he keeps me leaning on God....and that my friends is not a bad thing. :)

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Mary said...

I have 3 children, and my first was an angel in every way till she turned 4. Then we had a few months that were rocky getting back on track! My second had her moments every so often...she was the one coloring on the walls, cutting comforters, etc, but she didn't throw temper tantrums or do "in your face rebellion" only sneaky stuff. My last, is two and we KNOW what terrible twos is now! Esp this last week. Whew!

Crying and whining and just plain meanness...

I know where you're coming from!