Wednesday, January 24, 2007

On-Line Women's Conference

I have to admit, part of me is interested in this conference, but a bigger part will I find time to sit and listen for 4 hours to something on the computer! :)

The Christian Homemaking Conference covers these topics:
* Why full-time homemaking isn't about high heels and pearls.
* Homemaking 101: Help! How did my grandmother know how to do all this stuff?
* Training daughters to be competent and visionary keepers at home.
* For busy moms of little ones: how to avoid growing weary in well-doing.
* Why teenage rebellion isn't inevitable and how you can avoid it (panel discussion).
* Q&A with speakers

Cost will be: Online conferencing is $50 ($40 for early birds!) and doesn't require the wear and tear on vehicles and family members.

For more information check out the website listed above. This came to me courtesy of Ladies Against Feminism.

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