Saturday, January 13, 2007

Blogs I've Appreciated this week

From Voice of Vision comes the Bitter End.

I liked this post over at Windows to My Soul, on Increasing the Desire for God's Word.

From a Pastor's wife's perspective, I appreciated this blog.

When I first heard about the Ashley story, my first thought, having worked in the field was good. They'll keep their child small enough to be cared for easily, and keep her safe from predators, and probably help her health. But I also knew that many people would probably not agree with me. Thanks to Writer Mom for her well-thought out response (saves me from having to make a long one) and also for her links these sites. Fox News and the dad's thoughts.

I liked this on prayer that I found at Home Steeped hope.

Tim Challies did a piece on three part piece on Discernment. Here's the link to part one, part two, and part three.

I have to admit, i love looking at holiness. Before getting married I had embarked on a study of the word holiness, and I remember being stunned at how many times the word holy popped up in scripture, and the different contexts it came up in. Scott over at Ars Theologica talked this week about the beauty of holiness.

Sallie over at Gracious Home talks about Christ as Shepherd.

I enjoyed these two posts that came to me through the Christian Carnival. The first is by Light Along the Journey called Not seeing the forest for the tree. And the second one deals with the relevance of Language from Allthings2all.

Over at Kerux Noemata I found this good article on Abortion and Fetal Testing.


Mary said...

Thank you, Annette, for referencing my site! Can't wait to read here...

Even So... said...

Thanks for the link...nice new look to the site...

Catez said...

Thankyou for linking my post Annette. Much appreciated.