Saturday, January 06, 2007

A quote

This quote came from Attention Span.
Our church needs to escape the small church mentality which holds it back. "We're too small to be able to do something like that" just ain't gonna cut it anymore. It's a lack of faith, at best. At worst, it's laziness.
Why do I like it?

Because, the excuses small churches give for not reaching out into the community drive me batty. And this quote hits the nail on the head with what I think about those excuses.

I know, they shouldn't (the excuses drive me batty). I know, that I should look first at what I am doing before I look at what others are, or aren't doing. I know that God doesn't ask me to look at what he's asked others to do, but instead to just focus on what he's asked me to do.

In that light ..... I have to admit, I'm not as "out there" in the community as I aught to be. And sometimes I feel very much a failure... but, in my defense, right now my primary occupation is taking care of a very busy toddler. And that to, I have learned, is very much a call of God upon my life as well. And with my boyo I am doing things in the community like Library time, play group, and so forth. At these events, folks, when we talk, learn that I am a believer and that my faith matters, AND that I'm willing to listen to them. I also am very intentional about blogging, hoping and praying that through sharing my devotional time that people will be lead to learn more about my Lord and Saviour.

I am VERY much hoping that next year we can start doing some volunteering out in the community in an official capacity and when doing so, letting people know that I serve them because of my love for my Lord, and if they ask, explaining why he is so important and all that stuff.

That said... It drives me nuts when I see small churches struggling and the standard response is when asked about what they are doing about is... but we can't do anything about it. We don't want to close. We can't do anything. We're to old. We have too much to do. There's not enough of us to do anything. We can't do this that or the other program. We... and so on and so forth.

And in many small churches, 3-6 people are doing EVERYTHING while the rest of the church is just there. What? They can't all do something? Aren't we ALL called to trust in God and to do his will and bidding and ... you know? Where is the accountability, the trusting in God, the desire to something, anything?

See, I don't care how old someone is. If they can talk in person, on the phone, write a letter, sit and listen, anyone, regardless of how old OR how young they are, can do something. Even if it seems to make NO difference to your church or your immediate community, you need, as a Christian, to be out there doing something. Our actions reflect what is important to us. And if we do nothing with our faith (other than just go to church) what are we saying about our faith?

How are you showing your faith in the Lord?

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