Monday, January 08, 2007

Snow! We have SNOW again!

yes, I know, it's only barely covering the ground...but we have winter! Snow has come again.

I thought yesterday the way the wind felt that we would get snow.

My hubbie mentioned it was snowing a wee bit when he got home from church.

And this morning when I got up to walk the dogs we had SNOW ON THE GROUND!

yes, I am happy.

Interesting responses from fellow early morning walkers.
My greeting "we have snow, beautiful snow"

First person "yes, isn't it great?"
Second person "yah, I'll have to adjust my driving habits now"
Third person "I was hoping it would stay away"
Fourth person --- absolutely no response.

Sassy ran around like a young idiot. She likes snow.
Riley was in his "I'm not sure I"m awake mode" this morning. But when he did connect with his surroundings he seemed pleased as well. Very alert for the last part of our walk.

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Rileysowner said...

Riley has always liked snow. I remember as a puppy when the snow started to go away he would run from one snow pile to the next for the entire walk.