Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Remember me, O my God, for good.

I was reading in Nehemiah 13 this morning. There I found, it seemed at least to me, Nehemiah pleading with God to remember him well. Nehemiah is accounting before God all the things that he has accomplished in Jerusalem. How he was fervent for the remembering the holiness of God. Nehemiah reestablished that the Sabbath was a day of rest and worship. He brought back the tithe. He brought back the duties of the Levites. He stopped the influence of foreign peoples.

It had come to the point in Israel that the tithe had stopped, so that the Levites were driven to provide for themselves.. they left their work at the temple to plant their own crops. Nations were bringing goods into the city of Jerusalem itself, on the Sabbath to sell. Those of foreign blood had been put into place as high priest. And many of the youth couldn't even speak the jewish language. All this, Nehemiah put a stop to. He brought back the importance of worshipping and serving God alone.

You'd think that he could rest on his laurels and think, ah... I did good. And to think nothing further, but rather we find Nehemiah pleading before God, asking God to
Remember me, O my God, for good.
I found that very humbling this morning. It shows Nehemiah's utter dependance upon God.

Oh, that my dependance upon God would be as easily seen.

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