Tuesday, January 09, 2007

How People Find my blog - 2

Went through site meter again to find out how people find my blog
annettes joy of life
rca free devotions
herods temple
how did people fish in babylon
joshua hit the battle of jericho story
ingredients for making cookies
submissive wife
devotionals helping the needy
slentrol --- this was about the dog diet drug
little boys pampers --- came up with my boyo sliding down an empty box
"christian horizons" evil --- i used to work here, came up with government praises
ear nose throat
"may the god of endurance and encouragement grant to think in harmony with one another in keeping with christ jesus"
I have to admit, I find it fascinating how people get to my blog. Most don't stay long, I suspect they are surprised sometimes. I know that when I follow the backlinks and check out some of the things they looked at, I'm surprised. I have learned to be more discerning in my tracking back. But sometimes I wonder.... how did the search engines connect this with that? Just doesn't always make sense.

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