Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Do we Intervene for others?

Reading this morning in Genesis 18 when I found myself thinking, just how big were Sodom and Gomorrah? After all, Abraham was bargaining for the lives of all the people there, and for the sake of 10 God would spare the city. Even though I never found out the size of these cities I did find this site had some interesting facts about the area and how the destruction of the cities could have been possible.

Lot chose his "lot" in life. He chose to move to the fertile plains near these cities. He chose to dwell among these people. He made all these bad choices, and yet...Abraham didn't leave him to suffer his own fate. Abraham intervened physically when Lot was captured by enemy soldiers. Abraham bargained with God for the lives of the cities.

Makes me think of how we as Christians can't just leave others to the 'fates' that others create for themselves. People make bad choices all the time. We as Christians can say...ah...they made their bed, let them lie in it. OR we can say, you know what, they made a bad choice, we can still intercede on their behalf. We can still try to show them a different choice to make.

I have to admit, I do find Abraham really bold here. It's not something I would think of doing. Bargaining with God. Granted, he was really respectful in his approach to God, but at the same time to me, it seems abit audacious. And it must have been okay to do because God didn't say... how dare you! God didn't correct or discipline him in any way, he listened, accepted, and then when it was enough, he left. and for the sake of 10, God would spare the cities.

I am left wondering
- How do I intervene for others?
- Would it be okay for me to bargain with God?
- In what circumstances might I do this in?

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