Monday, January 22, 2007

Devotional ramblings

Do you ever wonder why something was recorded in the bible? I read the bible and I assume that everything in it is there for a reason. Going through genealogies, though they are not my thing, in the hands of the right person can wield vast amounts of information. But today I was reading from Genesis 23 and I stopped after and thought, so why did we need to know this? Why is it important that upon Sarah's death, Abraham refused a gift of land for burying her and insisted (nicely) upon purchasing it? I have to admit, I have no clue. I do wonder if Abraham owning the land was the important part. If it was important that she be buried on land that was not owned by a foreign/non-jewish entity. That would make sense in a way. Anyways, I don't quite get the importance of it all.

Did you know that Paul was a Jewish person who was also a Roman Citizen by birth? That just seems odd to me. I learned this in my reading of Acts 22 this morning. And yes, I knew that before, but it just kinda struck me this morning. Paul was a man between two worlds in a way, born a Roman Citizen, raised a Jew with the best of education. He was smart and zealous for the Lord before and after his conversion. In Acts 22 people listened to because he spoke hebrew. But when they didn't like his message, they turned on him. He would have been beaten, except he was a Roman Citizen by don't just do that in Roman society. Both world disapproved of him, both worlds listened to him. He was a unique man, chosen by God for such a time as he was in.

We, as believers, are also between two worlds in a way. We live in today's society. We can call ourselves Canadian, American, Dutch and this that and the other thing. BUT as believers, the question is... who do we really owe our allegiance to? And how do we show it?

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