Saturday, January 27, 2007

Blogs I've Appreciated this week

This one over at Tim's from Challies Dot Com on Prayer.

I'll never look the same a tandem biking. Check out Titus2talk on riding in tandem.

I'm not really familiar with this fellow's writing, but I found this entry at Trying to Follow ,on the homeless and how to help them thought provoking.

Oh, my hubbie showed me this site called Truth for Life this week. Good place to go to listen to some decent sermons. I like Begg, he's actually a guy when I hear him talk I want to just keep listening. :)

And then there is Sovereign Grace Store, where you can download music and other stuff for free. I downloaded, okay, to be honest, my hubbie downloaded one song for me, it was pretty neat. and now I can do it too! (what can I say, I'm not the most confident computer person in the world)

I liked this post over at Sparrow's Nest on Love.

Carla pointed me over to this article which I just find to be very odd. What's so special about turning 24? Check it out.

I liked this post on Homeschooling from Preschoolers and Peace.

Whiskers on Kittens pointed me to this article. I"ll admit, when you are faced with a screaming toddler, it isn't always easy to get them to do the right thing. But a three year old is also old enough to sit still in a seat even if they don't want to. Parents not being able to handle this in a somewhat better why then complaining about having to leave a plane because they can't get their child to sit still for 15 minutes (for the plane to take off). I have to admit, part of me wonders if I"m missing something, or maybe I haven't parented enough, but I just think folks, either get your child to sit, or get off the plane, in this day and age of busyness .... you can't hold folks up. Mind you, I do wonder what the other customers were doing. Did they try to help at all? Did they make things worse? Is this child a special needs child that needs more time? These things I wonder at.

On another odd note, Rocks in my Dryer pointed me to this article. OH my, those poor chickens. and the poor dad...having to pay for all those chickens. I bet the wee lad will NEVER live this one down.

I appreciated this article at Words of Hope, on the importance of preparing for Sundays.

This article on Church Going by Even So, at Voice of Vision spoke true.

Do you Delight in the Saints? Check it out at Windows to My soul.

I know it's not much, But I really liked this picture over at Doxoblogy.

Random Responses posted some videos this week at his blog. Go check them out.

Anywho...there were lots more other good posts this week, but I think this list has gotten plenty long enough.

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bfine107 said...


Thanks for stopping by. This is ariah from trying to follow. I'm glad you enjoyed my post. I'm just starting this journey into parenthood and I'm excited about thinking and working it out as I try and follow the teaching of Christ.
I'd love for you to check back once in a while and maybe give your thoughts and advice as you feel you'd like to share.