Monday, May 14, 2007

Front Window Garden Pictures

I will admit right off the top that I'm not the world's best picture taker.
Hopefully though you will get a decent idea of what my newest flower garden looks like now. For the before picture see here.

This is the end of the garden. The droopy stuff in front are silver dollar plants. They don't like being transplanted. It's for me an experiment. :) In the back is a wegunia bush (or something along that line) gets really pretty pinkish/red flowers later spring. in the back I have irises from mom and dad's, a burning bush (baby bush) and in front some white (we hope) peonies, a mystery plant that just smells lovely, and a couple of plants I can't think of the name now. they get a LONG tap root and often dislike being moved.

See my big burning bush in the back? Needs to be pruned a bit, but we won't do that until the baby bush is growing well lest we accidentally kill it. :)

In front of it I have a whole whack of tiger lilies (the type you see growing in bushes and ditches like everywhere around here). A red peony, some different lilies in the back that came with the house, some smaller lilies from my parents, some other type of lily (the ornamental ones? freestanding, get rather tall, many people stake them out), and some small mystery plants from the neighbour that just looked interesting.

oh, and I almost forgot! I moved Jim's rhododeren over about 3 feet. It used to be more central to the garden but I shoved it over more in front of the burning bush. added a small white bleeding heart too. Doesn't it look nice there? :)

I left room in front for my calla lilies and amaryllis bulbs. They should look good blooming there this summer. :)

Anyways, I'm pleased with my work. :) I'm hoping that next year everything will grow just a bit taller and it will get a bit of the crowded hodgepodge english garden look. :)

oh and before I's my darling mom-in-law. And no, she didn't want me to take her picture! :) The purple plant you see hanging there? It has our yearly nest of baby birds in it. A purple finch? house finch? builds a nest there as long as I get the basket out before the beginning of May. Right now she has three eggs hatched... two more to go, and perhaps the added mystery eggs might hatch too. 3 brown and white speckled ones.... We'll have to wait and see.


jen elslager said...

It all looks so lovely... would you like to come over and whip my yard into shape? :)

Baxter said...

It's so beautiful. We're in a desert...I miss the GREEN!

Annette said...

yes Jen...I'd love to! :) and Baxter... come over any time...enjoy my green! :)

Baxter said...

Ya, know, sometimes the way things are going in the US, I've actually thought about moving to Canada!

Annette said...'d love canada. You'd have to adjust to the "we're glad we're not american comments! But...ah Canada... it's my home!" :) And I even like americans! :)

jen elslager said...

Since we're on the subject... how is it with the religious freedom issues? Is Jim allowed to preach the full Bible, or does he have to be careful? We hear things down here in the States...

Annette said...

Oh... religious freedom.. Jim hasn't run into anything himself yet. he's trying to figure what to do with the whole marriage thing. Does he give up his right to marry people in the eyes of Ontario because keeping means you agree with Ontario's definition of marriage (same sex included)? Just means an extra step for people getting married is all (if he does give it up). Preaching he doesn't have to worry too much as it's in OUR church that he preaches. AND he can choose what sermons he broadcasts :) So so far, no problems.