Saturday, May 12, 2007

Big Project

I will need to later this day show you the results of digging out and changing this mess.

This garden has a tad bit overgrown. The burning bush you see in the corner had three off shoots off of it. I removed them. One went to the other side of the window. Two are being held for Jim's mom to come and get.

I removed 99% of the ground cover. I will admit to some disappointment in being able to dig out the whole thing, but there were too many roots in the ground for me to dig properly.

I moved the rhododenren (that I got Jim for his b-day last year) over about 3 feet, so it's kinda in front of the burning bush. Inserted plants from my mom and dad's, and my neighbour will be seeding over her garden so she gave me a few plants as well and Tada! Two weeks (off and on) work done!!!!

YEAH!!!! Should look much better this summer I hope. :)
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Baxter said...

I'm NOT a gardener. I'm NOT good with plants. BUT, I need to do some landscaping in our yard. I LOVE flowers! I'll probably go to a (I forgot what you even call them, not a florist, hmmmm, not a green house, *thinking*, NURSERY! I think that is IT!) nursery with some pictures of what I have and what I want and see if they can help me.

Annette said...

sounds like a good plan. :) Have fun! well..maybe not...but's this...enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Oh..if you are really unsure you could call a landscaper in and get their thoughts on what to do. They are PAID to make things look good. Or walk around your neighbourhood and take pictures of what you like and go with that to the nursery or greenhouse.

jen elslager said...

I'm not good with plants either, but Denny is.

Unfortunately, planting season falls in the middle of our busy season, and he usually has no time to attend to it. So I have no pretty pictures of annuals to post, but if our perennial poppies ever show up, I'll post that.