Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pgiges and a boy child

My boyo likes critters.
Yes he does!

Here he is enjoying the results of mommy cleaning out the piggies. This would have been taken about 2 months ago probably. yes I know, I'm a bit slow at downloading pictures off the camera sometimes. :)

Anyways, he is holding Topper's fish that he insisted he had to show to our ladies.

Yes, he gets rather dirty, but boys' are indeed washable (as are the clothes they wear).

And he just has so much delight for the 3-5 minutes that he actually is in there saying hello to the piggies. And I do like to foster that delight in animals.

I like hearing "popper, popper" come out of his mouth. Knowing that he wants to go visit Topper the pig, or that he wants to show the mice his newest train, or that he wants to go for a walk with Sassy. These things bring me joy. Who knows...maybe this boyo will grow up to be vet! (wouldn't that be cool!) But more likely he'll want to fix cars or something like that. Ah well....God knows! And I have the delight of waiting to see.

in the meantime though...PETS ARE IN!
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Baxter said...

I love the simple heart of a child! :)

jen elslager said...

My youngest was always into pets/animals etc. I often wonder if he'll do something related to animals.

What a sweet picture!

Roberta said...

He looks so interested and very cute!
Our guinea pig, Buttercup, died 2 months ago after living 5 1/2 years. But while we had her our 1 year old loved to stand over her cage and chatter away and squeal. Sometimes he would get the nerve to give her a baby carrot.
Glad you can foster his enjoyment of animals! And reading...I saw your pic reading together...very sweet.

Annette said...

Sorry to hear that you lost your piggie. Will you be getting another guinea pig Roberta? They are such nice pets aren't they?