Saturday, May 12, 2007

My "kidney" garden

Kidney garden you wonder?
Yes, :), this garden is what I call my kidney garden because that is the basic shape of it.

I have plans this summer to remove the bricks that surround it and replace it with a quick crete border with bricks just inside it. Will mean moving it over the the left (away from the hedge you can't see) about 6 inches to make it easier for Jim to get the trailer in and out of the back yard, and expanding it probably a couple of inches wider to make it easier to mow.

But that's not what this post is about.

It's all about the fact that I LOVE MY TULIP garden! Just absolutely love it.
I enjoy the positive comments it engenders.

I like the colours...yes, I know rather basic red with just a bit of yellow...but I like my garden. It makes me smile.

It has mostly tulips, one wayward daffodil, and a few regular hyacinths... and the object that my boyo likes to decimate. Read about that at Vellenga Views. :)

Anyways, now you know about one of my joys. :)
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Baxter said...

Ooooooo! I know that feeling about flowers making you HAPPY! Sometimes, if I find a really good bouquet at the grocery store, I'll get a vase and set it on my table and just look at them everytime I walk by and just bask in the pleasure they give me. What a heavenly gift...FLOWERS! :)

Annette said...


jen elslager said...

In recent years I've become a flower fanatic! I love tulips and would like to plant some. Your 'kidney garden' looks great!

Annette said...

and tulips are so easy....plant them and ignore them. :) if you plan well you can really extend the season too. :)