Sunday, May 27, 2007

He's leaving me......

Well a day, well a day... in 7 1/2 hours my hubbie is leaving me for one week (well okay, 5 days).
Justin and I will be holding down the fort without my dear heart by my side.

He has new to us tires on the van. He has it all cleaned spic and span. He is all packed and ready to ride. :) Leaving at 630 in the morning.

Where is he going you ask?
He is going to his all-time favourite pastor's conference!

The Banner of Truth US Conference

Saying that he is excited is probably the under-statement of the year.
He was even asking me today where the iron was for ironing his clothes. He NEVER irons his clothes (not that I do either - just to make the perfectly clear). So, all I can do is blame his excitement.

Wish him well with me! :)

Oh...what does he like about it all?
1. good solid teaching
2. the ride down with other pastors - he drives the van, they go down a night early, they have all their favourite stops etc
3. meeting other conservative male preachers and elders. :)
4. THE BOOK SHOP!!!! What pastor doesn't like a good book store .. especially one where you get good bang for your buck!
5. they give him a new shirt almost every year. He likes new shirts. :)


jen elslager said...

Will definitely pray for all of you! Safety, edification, and good fellowship for Jim, and safety and God's comfort for you and the boyo.


Annette said...

Jen, thanks ... big smile. He's off, just now. ah...he will be missed. :) Tonight, the motel 6 near Carlisle. :) Then tomorrow, Pennsylvania here we come! :)

Baxter said...

Sounds like it will be a great time for him! And you?! ;)

Holly said...

Hold on, then! I never like it when my husband is gone!

How did your garage saling go?

Annette said...

no Baxter, not me. I"m home bound. :) I would LOVE to visit both you and Jen sometime, and Holly too! Wow...wouldn't that just be a blast? :) But Justin and I hold down the fort here.