Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Girls Night Out

So last night I went out to a Girls Night Out Event.

I LOVED the music and singing. Just absolutely loved it. I miss GOOD praise and worship music. Especially where it is well done. You know, where the worship leader leads by taking a back seat to the music and just letting people praise God? Way Cool. Just very fun and God-filled.

They provided decent snacks.

The speaker was Sue A___________. She speaks well. Not my style though. Didn't learn anything. Left early feeling bored with the cliche lines and stories she was applying to HER life that I've heard in numerous places. Just really start to distrust someone who does that. Makes for a fun talk, but I don't need "fun" talk. I need meat to live by and grow on.

I also disliked the impression that "women of worth" are only women who are doing something to change the world in a meaningful way. and not in the way of mothering a child to be a person of God! Her advice was good, but not particularly biblical unless one says biblical is picking and choosing verses to fit what she was saying. Could have been spoken anywhere.

Did meet a couple of nice ladies who were sitting next to me. One a mom of three boys, the other a mom with one grown boy living at home who is divorced with two daughters that she helps care for frequently. Both love God dearly. so that was cool as well.

Would I go again? For the worship.... MOST DEFINITELY. For the speaking....ah.. probably not. :) It was free so at least I'd go for the music and snacks and conversation.


Kim said...

I need meat to live by and grow on.


I have found many "women's talks" are like that.

I'm speaking at my friend's church in Cambridge on Monday night.

Sure wish you could come!

Annette said...

oh my...wouldn't that be fun! Hmm... tempts me Kim... from you I know I would get good teaching. :) So hmm.. when and where.. I can discuss with my hubbie. :)

Hey.. did you get my email to you? Some of my emails seem to go into the hinterland somewhere so I never know who gets what. frustrating