Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ever Get caught in this trap?

Have you as a blogger ever gotten caught in the trap of wanting people to read and comment on your much so that you find yourself doing stuff that you wouldn't ordinarily do, just to get people to read or comment? Do you want to be popular?

Not saying there is anything wrong with being popular, but why do you blog? Seriously. Why does anyone blog other than just to chat about life and the things there-in?

I blog because it gives me a place to do my devotions ... not that I'm this huge in-depth person in my devotions, but I think best when I write. I blog because I like to chat about things going on in my life. And yes, I will admit, I love it when people say they read my blog. :) Makes me smile inside, particularly if they say that they like what I write. :) My response to them is usually along the lines of....well...write a comment then! Let me know that you were there and if you agreed or not. :) I know....comment hound!!!!!

But I really don't want to get caught in a popularity trap. Puts a lot of pressure on a person. And I don't know if I want that pressure. I do want accountability. Like if I don't blog on my devotions of a couple of days, I'd love it if someone said, hey...what's up? Have you been too busy for God lately or what's up?

Was over visiting Windows to My Soul today, and she blogged on this. I thought she did a better of job or talking about this than I just did. Feel free to go over and check her out.

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