Friday, March 02, 2007

A true Story

I got this from a friend of mine (stateside) who says she got this from her cousin.

I thought, way cool, kinda of a neat way to get unexpected help from God. :)

So here's a cool story that just happened to me -
Yesterday I was substituting at a high school library. I was really bored and suddenly remembered a book I had heard about a few years ago I really wanted to read! It was about an Indian boy who's village burned and he was the only survivor but didn't speak english to communicate with anyone (true story). I was like "yea! I'll find that book now!" and went to search for it and didn't remember the name. I knew it was a boys name that started with an "I" so I searched "Ishmael" "Issac" "Isaiah" and others. No luck. I even searched
Finally I gave up on the book.
So today I am at an elementary school library. Some kid wanted a book on scorpions so I go over to the picture book area to help him find it. Now, remember, there's only picture books on this whole wall. The book I wanted was a big adult novel sized book.
Suddenly a book falls from the top and hits my shoulder and hits the ground. I finish helping the kid and look over to pick up this book and put it back and it was THE BOOK I WAS LOOKING FOR!!!
Its called "Ishi"! There is no books more than 20 pages on this whole wall and this 200 page book fell from somewhere and actually hit my shoulder.
I think God threw a book at me....

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