Friday, March 02, 2007

Do you ever have days like this?

Sometimes I think I have no brain. :)

I sit here, reading my bible passages for the day and NOTHING sinks in. NOTHING strikes me as... oh think on this a while. It's frustrating.

Do I sorta know why this is? Yah, my whole day has felt off - getting up with no hydro, feeling like a didn't sleep well - when I was right out all night, having a foot that is almost better but still pains once in a while, having to pick up a car from the shop, driving in really bad weather, watching my hubbie almost get the van stuck while picking up a "new to us" TV, having a clean house and thinking oh...if I get this that and the other thing done my house will be really clean. So the day seems off.

But I've deliberately stopped. I've talked with God. I've read my scripture.. twice. I SHOULD be able to focus and understand scripture, but it's just not there for me today.


I think I will have to try again later. :(

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