Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wrapping Paper

Yesterday I posted about the "fun" the boy and I had re-organizing our gift wrap and gift bags. We had lots of fun, mingled with moments of frustration.
I was reminded when I stopped in at Shannon's Rocks In my Dryer that today is works for me Wednesday and I thought...hey...this works for me. Maybe it will work for someone else too!

So Go to Shannon's to read more hints. Below is mine.

People give me gifts.
I tend to wrapping paper... rip! Or wow...NEAT BAG! And carefully remove item from gift bag. Then I am left with
1. ripped wrapping paper
2. nice gift bag
3. tissue paper

I keep the wrapping paper if I didn't destroy it too badly, after all, it can always be used to wrap a smaller gift in. I also keep the bags and tissue paper as it is nice and does not come cheap.

Of course then comes the problem of what do you do with it all? Over the years, you get a lot of paper and bags especially if you have events happen in your life (as I did with a wedding and baby and leaving job).

One Christmas my hubbie got me a long rectangular box that is made just for holding gift wrap. It has a storage for ribbons and tape and scissors. I can get about 10 gifts bags in, as well as lots of wrapping paper rolls (the standard size, not the really long ones). I keep ALL my Christmas wrap in that box. He got it, I am fairly sure, at Canadian Tire.

In box two I keep all other gift bags and the tissue paper that came with them. I also have been able to keep five gift boxes in there are well. Folded down nicely. It's just a regular flat under the bed storage container, that you can find most anywhere..this one I think came from Wal-mart.

In box three we have anything that's odd that is used for wrapping gifts. I.e. cloth gift bags, plastics for around blankets etc. This container I've had for years, so it probably came from Zellers or K-mart.

Anyways, saves lots of aggravation to have all wrapping paper in one area of the house. In fact it was really neat to see that I have excess baggage and should be able to sell some at my spring garage sale. Woohoo! :)


Amy said...

I am the same way. My family makes fun of me after Christmas because I run around trying to snatch as many bags, bows, & paper as I can :)

Marcia Francois said...

I collect these too. I've actually just tidied my stash for Tackle it Tuesday pics.

I use the gift bags that are not extremely nice for other things around the house. One bag is under my desk holding all the cords, cables and attachments for my laptop. A smaller one keeps my MP4 player and all those attachments.

Annette said...

Amy and Marcia, thanks so much for stopping by AND for letting me know that you did.

Amy, I'm glad I'm not the only crazy woman in the world! :)

Marcia, thanks for the added tip on what to do with some of the extra bags. Really would be a good way to store the extra parts of cords and such like. I know my boyo likes the small ones for carting around his treasures.