Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Works for me Wednesday

Around our house, Sunday's is a day of rest and worship.

We try hard on Saturdays to get things done so that Sunday's aren't caught up in the mundanes of life. I'll do up the boyo's diapers (wears cloth). I try to have the house in decent shape. I don't worry about it a whole as we don't do visiting very much on Sundays since my hubbie preaches two services and really needs to just relax and prepare. I try to have all the church mail taken care of during the week and so on and so forth.

I don't cook on Sundays...well...other than make breakfast.

So what do we do for food?
1. Saturdays I try to make supper ready for Sunday. Usually I cook something that can just sit and then be eaten.
2. We have sandwiches or smoothies for lunch.
3. We always have instant, ready to eat meals in the Fridge/freezer. yes, I know they are not cost-efficient, but they are time-efficient and tasty. BUT the stouffer's lasnagne's are balanced, as is the PC shepherd pie. So we can eat right, and not have to work hard at it. :)

Works for us!


Anonymous said...


Sunday is our day of rest too. It feels so good to take it easy that day. We get home from church about 11:30 and usually have our big meal of the day, read the paper, and take a nice long nap!
(Can you tell we don't have children yet?)



Annette said... before children. :) I love my boy, but sometimes he puts a wee crimp in my plans. :) thanks for stopping by.