Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day - 2

I have to admit, Valentine's Day isn't really made a big deal of in our household. It really isn't. To us it's a day of overpriced flowers and chocolate, why bother?

We are good at saying "I love you", and for doing things for each other "just because". I like that. I like the naturalness of how we express our love and care and concern for each other. HAVING to celebrate it would seem wrong and artificial to me. I like the my hubbie will spontaneously get me a Kinder egg, or bring me a flower, or buy me pork! :) I like surprising him as well - a well-timed coffee crisp is always a good thing (well, except when we're eating healthy)

That said, I thought this morning, can I celebrate my Hubbie today?

My hubbie is my sweetheart.

He is kind, good and tender towards me most of the time. I can't say all the time because there are times when man....I pull bloopers and he just kinda wonders where my head is.

He knows I react badly to loud angry sounding voices so he is VERY good about not sounding loud and angry OR if he is feeling loud and angry he tells me so that I can get away before he does sound off. :) Isn't that sweet of him?

He listens to me. I can tell him most anything and he doesn't act like I'm a complete idiot (even if sometimes I am) I can make him shake his head at me though! :)

Most of the time he knows how to get my attention, without having to throw something at me. Nothing personal in that, it's just that when I'm on the computer or reading a book, getting my attention unless you are a toddler pulling on my pants, it's not always the easiest thing to do.

He likes 97% of my cooking, except when 1. he's not in the mood for it, Or 2. It's a new experiment and I've forgotten about adding enough spices (what can I say, I tend to like bland, he doesn't) Which is good because I'm learning what flavour combinations work well. :) or 3. it's just something he doesn't like (I like melon smoothies and to him that YUCK!)

He makes me laugh. Sometimes on purpose because laughter always makes the world better. And sometimes well....what can I say... sometimes he's funny. :)

He fixes our cars! This I find TOTALLY COOL! My hubbie, the desk jockey, knows how to ask good questions and therefore is learning how to fix cars. neat huh?

He's a good preacher. I learn things from him.

He makes me think.

He knows computer stuff. This has pros and cons. It means I don't have to know computer stuff because he'll take care of it for me. It means that I don't have to know computer stuff so that can make me lazy in what I do to maintain the beast properly or to run programs etc.

He knows his bible, and if I catch him at the right time, he'll even explain something to me if I'm just not getting it. Otherwise he'll say....look it up... as he points to his huge collection of commentaries (I hate the latter, appreciate the former) ... both I suppose are good for me. :)

He loves his mom. They are so much alike that if I don't understand him I can just ask his mom why she does something and voila! I get it! :)

He's been part of my growing into a better person and Christian.

He is good with my family. Though doesn't always understand the "get togetherness" that we have. :)

He is a solid man of God.

He loves our boy.

He gets a kick out of people commenting on his blog. So feel free to go over there and make his day! :)

He loves me.

He's just a cool guy. Drives me nuts at times, but most of the time, he's just my sweetie.

Happy Valentines Day My Sweet!


jen elslager said...

Shoot! I meant to get over here the other day --but you know how distracting life can be-- and tell you how much I like this post!

You sound a bit like me. Which is comforting, yet strangely frightening at the same time...

Annette said...

Are you saying I frighten you Jen? Oh my....
I don't want to do that!
My Hubbie read it and icq'd me a smile! :) So nice just to make him smile.

jen elslager said...


No, I was actually frightened for you...