Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Unimpressed he is

My hubbie is rather unimpressed with what happened yesterday.the

The machine that keeps the computer going when the power goes out (very needed when using a computer to do video editing). It blew up.

He has the joy of the smell of burnt computer components in his office. Not fun.

BUT when it blew up, it fried the computer it was attached to.

More smell of burnt components.

He's not, at this point, completely sure what all is fried. He suspects the motherboard is toast.

This is irritating as he just purchased a brand new CPU for this very same motherboard. So to make the CPU any good, he has to get all the right components for it.

ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sums it up pretty well.

I think today I'll send him off to London to see if he can
1. return the power back up machine (I think that's what it's called)
2. find a motherboard he can use
3. do his computer things so that his frustration with the whole thing eases up, which will help him do the work he needs to this week.

ON the way he can take the younger dog to the vet as well. :) Then the boy and I can stay home and get back into a routine more conducive to healing his ear infection.

On a brighter note.....putting the older dog in the kennel overnight prevents night-time accidents. Sure I had to get up at 5 with a noise I couldn't identify. By 530 that noise became a discernable bark! Ah...Riley wants out! He needs to "do his business". YEAH! No smelly mess in the kitchen. He runs outside and does what he has too. We had a lovely walk around town afterwards. :) Happy dog, happy human, life is good. (although a wee bit tiring from being up early). :)

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