Saturday, February 03, 2007

Silly dog, cute boy

First... the cute boy.

Our son has this book with punch out animals in it. He really likes it right now, so we set it up on the living room table for him to play with. This merely helps to keep the animal pieces around so they don't get completely lost (otherwise there's no point to the book). Anyways, he's sitting at the table, calls him mommy to come sit sit. So I come sit and he shows me his match (it's on old burnt out match). He's striking it on his book and trying to light the candle sitting in front of him. He's says Hot! Hot! with this wide eyed expression. He does this over and over again. I told him he was just too cute! :)

Now for our silly dog.

As you know, our dog Riley is getting up there in age. He's always been a dog alert to his surroundings with a bark and flight reflex. This morning we were out for our walk...and boy oh boy is it cold out there! Anyways, he's doing this "high alert" thing. So I"m looking thinking there's got to be something out there that's odd. I see nothing. He stops, he starts barking and trying to run away. I look again. I see nothing. Here I"m having an argument with a dog about moving forward who just wants to run away, and then I see it. A large pile of snow at the end of someone's driveway. he's scared of it. I send Sassy up to. Sassy....go...table! Sassy runs and lies down and then rolls all over the place. Goofy dog. And then Riley like "oh.... okay, nothing scary there." Silly dog. Have to admit though...he made me laugh. :)

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