Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Feature

So I'm starting to think that I will add a new feature to my blog.

My boy loves reading. So do I . So does his Daddy! :) I am hoping that my boyo continues to love reading.

That said...I'm thinking of reviewing different children's books that we read.

I'll list the books that J. likes, and I'll add what I like, and kinda go from there. I don't do exhaustive reviews. I like a book or I don't. And right now it seems the same with our boyo.

First off we have the Jane Goodall books.

Wildlife Family Book Collection (Animal Series (Shell retailers), Set of 8 books) (Hardcover)

J. LOVES THESE BOOKS! he has his favourites. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

He likes the lions, the zebras, the elephants, the giraffes and the wildebeest. He usually will grab Zorro (zebra) and Jacko (wildebeest). Additional books in the series are Chimpanzee, hyena and baboon (these books he is quite vocal with NO).

They are for the most part, well written books. They are above the level of a 19 month old, so I shorten the story for him. He likes the pictures, especially when Jacko and Zorro are running through the water. He also likes the baby elephant standing under mommy and the lion cubs playing. He will look at those pictures over and over again. He has enjoyed these books since he was oh... about 13 months old or thereabouts.

The story is simple, probably good for grade one?
Pictures are wonderful, not too gruesome for a young child (with the lion and hyena ones).
They provide a good basis for additional learning later.

My grading?
  • 4 out of 5. If you can find them for your child, especially if they like animals, get them. :)
J's rating?
  • in his words.. A sit-sit! Plunk the book down in mommy's lap. Grabs collie and says)....and wants to read. But NO (complete with head shake) when it comes to hyena, chimp or baboon.

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