Friday, February 23, 2007

Life this week

Life has been....shall I say a challenge this week in our household.

Monday.. I see lights dancing, everything is blurry, I get dizzy, VERY freaking when one is driving a car on London roads. Pull over. AH safe. Go into pharmacy, watch self closely so don't fall over. Get back into car, my hubbie drives. YEAH! (probably just total fear for his life at this point) :)


I even take something because pain is bad. (I hate taking stuff)

Make doctor's appointment, go in Tuesday evening. My hubbie at meeting, My MIL comes down to care for J.

Doc hems and haws. Threatens to send me to UH because wonders if I have brain bleed. But is not sure because some of my symptoms indicate migraine. Ends up making me promise that I will take myself in if I don't get better, or if I get worse, said he was 75-85% sure that it was a migraine, but a somewhat odd one.

The next day it's a wee bit better but I feel like I've been beaten over a head with a brick. Thursday I was just TIRED. Like just massively tired. Today (Friday) I'm fine. :)

Well...except for the fact that I tripped over a child gate and now have a badly sprained left foot. NOT FUN! Went to emerg...not broken, badly sprained, stay off it and elevate it. Take pain stuff if I need it.

And through it all, my hubbie, my sweet, generally patient hubbie, is fighting um...what shall I say here.... lack of being able to write sermons. It's Friday night, he's been working hard all week and has NOTHING (Well four pages) but basically nothing! FRUSTRATING!!!!! So not quite as patient.....

Makes him tired.
Makes me want to help and I generally end up not helping, and somehow I end up thinking that I make things worse.... ARGH!

And the old dog Riley has been battling diarrhea this week. Almost hit me with it this morning. I was unimpressed --- BUT very glad that I was smart enough to move quickly. :) he walks all sad and old looking. ARGH!!!! Now I can worry about the old dog too!

Then Sassy growled at the boy for petting her. Bad dog. Gets a spank and sent off to lie down. Get to re-worry about her and handling the boy and ARGH!!!!!

Do I sound like a whiney child yet? :)

So on a positive note
1. I made a brand new recipe for a meatloaf that my hubbie really likes! he does! it's too spicy for my taste...but he likes it! YEAH!!!! I like making him happy! :)
2. J. ate good today!
3. I got the fridge cleaned out, the counter well cleaned
4. the boy was well-read too, fed, cleaned, pajama-ed, and bedded. :)
5. the dogs were my hubbie this afternoon (they had a good walk this morning).

So life isn't completely bad...just been a bit rough this week.....


jen said...

So did Riley get into the spicy meatloaf? :/

I'll pray for God's guidance on your hubby. I don't even know what his name is, so I'll have to pray for Rileysowner! LOL

Annette said...

it was funny... I was talking with Jim when we had our "downtime" and he said...just how much did you put in the meatloaf when I mentioned I found it spicy. He said...I thought I told you half that amount! oops..I misunderstood him! I did 1/2 tbsp, he wanted 1 tsp. BUT he likes it just as it is so I think I'll leave it. I can always make a different one for myself and freeze it. :)

Rileysowner said...

Don't worry about freezing it. I like it enough that it won't be around to freeze.

jen said...