Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I found this over at Steve's blog, a post called An Inerrant Scripture. I'll quote part of his post here for you, find the rest over there.
"Superficial inerrancy wants the Bible to sit down in Mrs. Enlightenment's class for an exam, and wants the Bible to get a perfect score. But biblical absolutism says it should go the other way; we want to get Mrs. Enlightenment to enroll in Scripture's class, and take a few tests of her own. Maybe even flunk a few of them. When Scripture is studied as the absolute standard, a lot of these questions and tensions... just disappear. But when Scripture is studied as one-which-takes-tests-administered-by-others, the defenders of the faith always wind up like the nerdy kid who got a 98 percent and is trying to haggle the teacher out of two extra points."
Kerux Noemata (also known as Pastor Paul) had a good post on children in church. How to incorporate them into the full service. I thought it was a good post. It's called Helping Little Ones Learn to Sit in Church. This is one of those "struggles" for me.

See my mom-in-law goes to a church where the littlest ones are included in the service. Parents are STRONGLY encouraged to keep their little ones in church with them. They do have a nursery and they do have a "training" room, but little ones are expected to be in service with everyone else. She keeps telling me they can do it, they just need to be trained to do so. And she keeps telling me stories of how my hubbie never went to the babysit, he was always in church with her. So even though, I am positive she doesn't mean to pressure me, I do feel a pressure that my boyo should be sitting quietly in church with me even now.

Part of my issue is that my boyo is the only wee one in church. Most folks in church are ... somewhat older than I am... so I am hesitant to subject them to the noises of a boyo wanting to run and play.

Silly yes, I know. My boyo is 19 months now. For the past month getting his to sit still for even the first hymn is like pulling teeth. I've just been saying you know what laddie, you can just go to the nursery. My hope is sometime within the next 8 months to get him sitting thru the first part of the service again. So this post by Pastor Paul seems timely to me. Gets me thinking on how I can help my boyo learn that sitting in church is a good thing even if there are fun toys in the babysit! :)

Anyways, there yah go. To good articles. :)

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