Saturday, February 24, 2007

Denominational Proposal

Our denomination is proposing to make some changes to the structural set up of our denomination. The proposal can be found here.

Scott over at Ars Theologica has made some comments on this already. You can find that post here, just scroll down to the post "end of the rca"

when I read proposals like this:
To instruct the General Synod Council, by 2010, in support of the report of the
Missional Structures Task Force and in dialogue with classes, regional synods,
and with its Missional Church Guidance and Support Team, to pursue
development of a specific plan by which our present 45 classes and 8 regional
synods will be replaced with not fewer than 15 “middle assemblies” whose
structure and ministry is focused on missional engagement; and further,
To include the following cooperative actions in its planning and work:
• In consultation with the Commission on Church Order, to develop
proposed changes in the church order that will support and enable the
formation of not fewer than fifteen middle assemblies;
- In consultation with the regional synods and classes, to develop means
for equitable staffing and funding of church-wide and middle assembly
mission, ministry, and support services for consideration by General
Synod not later than 2010;
• In consultation with the seminaries and MFCA, to develop the means by
which examination and ordination of ministers of Word and sacrament
would be assumed and carried by the General Synod;
• In consultation with regional synods, classes, and the Commission on
Church Order, to ensure that any proposed plan or process of
realignment of classes and regions does not violate current
responsibilities of the assemblies as defined in the Book of Church
Order, or violate assembly bylaws, corporate charters, or state/provincial
or federal laws.
I have to admit I feel somewhat alarmed.

I will freely admit that our system of government doesn't always work. Things get lost along the way, classes and synods don't always do the work that they are supposed to do.

BUT putting the power in the hands of 15 assemblies?
Making the power structure smaller?

What would that do for the Canadian churches which are already relatively disregarded within the denomination?

What would happen with pastors and churches that didn't fall in line?

To instruct the Commission on Church Order to prepare BCO changes that will
bring deacons into full voting participation in the higher assemblies of the church,
in parity with elders and ministers of Word and sacrament.
One of the biggest problems facing churches in the inclusion of women helping to govern churches. I can see women deacons NO problem, but not women elders. If women deacons are made to be equal (governmentally) as pastors and elders, then what becomes of the real role of deacon?

This just strikes me as a way to continue consolidation of power in the hands of the few in order to push an agenda that doesn't need to be pushed.


Even So... said...

Watching this...

Rileysowner said...

Good post hun. If my brain ever gets functioning again I will have to post some of my thoughts as well.

Spider63 said...

Political Correctness at every level. Even God must be PC.

Annette said...

i know, makes no sense to me. This letting the world tell the church what to do.. not good.