Sunday, February 18, 2007

Boys can be so much fun....

Okay, my boyo LOVES this book. It is one of four of the upstairs books that he wants read all the time. The others being "Read to your bunny"(which has somehow made its way downstairs too) "Clifford and the grouchy neighbours" and "Caillou visits the farm".

Tonight He was sitting on his potty and I was sitting on the dresser next to him reading Winnie the Pooh. We act it out just a tad. You know, check the ears, the tummy, the heart etc. Well...usually when we get to the part where the doctor (Owl) checks Poohs reflexes, I just move our boyo's legs, but tonight I actually showed him how reflexes work (by hitting my below the knee part and letting my foot jump). he giggled, and it again. So...I did it again. More giggles. Okay...mommy will do it one more time. So I did... he giggled and then started hitting his leg and giggling.

After a bit I told him to stop, so what does he do? He starts hitting mommy's leg and giggling away. We both ended up laughing at the silliness.

Silly boy child!

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