Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Blogs I've Appreciated this week

I appreciated this post by Kim this morning. Called Discerning Readers. It warns people about the dangers of reading Captivating and Wild at Heart. Poor theology mixed with worldly wisdom. It helped me better understand why I felt a "check in my spirit" when one of my brothers strongly recommended that I read it.

I have to admit, I like visiting Voice of Vision. I find Even So to be a clear writer with good things to say. I have learned to look past some of the pictures that he posts in order to read what he's actually written. What can I say, sometimes pictures can turn me off reading. More than one post that I was initially turned away from proved to be good reading. Mind you, I didn't have that problem today though. :) Anyways, I liked this post he did on Church of the Living Dead.

As a New mom I appreciated this post by Titus2Talk on Loving your children.
So loving our children is hard work. It will sometimes hurt, as it is certainly tempting to take the easy road and pander to our children's wants to attain a bit of peace now.
Well, I'll have to read more later. My boyo is up now. Time for breakfast. :)

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