Wednesday, February 07, 2007


So I went to Coffeebreak this morning.
When I left I was angry. Just simply angry.

I hate when bad theology is taught. I despise it with a passion. I despise it even more when, when faced with the truth, a "pat on the head" and "no dear" is the response.

This is WHY I stopped going to women's bible studies. I hate it!

So why then do I go?

Because I want and need some friends. That's all I want. (well okay it's not all I want, if I could get some good study in there too that would be a HUGE blessing). But I go because it's nice sometimes to just hang out with women. To talk kids, hubbies, pets, life whatever. To know some more familiar faces that I can meet and greet in stores or on the street or whatever. To not feel like I'm in a friend-hinterland.

But after this meeting and last meeting... do I want to go again? NO!!!!!!!!!!

Do I think it would be good for me to go again.....probably. If I don't get to know people, and they don't get to know me, how do I earn the right to say...but ladies...this is wrong. God doesn't just do stuff cause he has the warm fuzzyies for us, God does stuff because he loves us and it gives him an opportunity to demonstrate how wonderful he is. God does stuff so that we, as his children, show his holiness and glory and his presence and all that. NOT just because he has the warm fuzzies for us.

It is frustrating, aggravating and just plain makes me angry. These women should know better.

And now I am left what?!?!?!?!


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