Friday, February 16, 2007

All Done

So our boy's surgery went well.

He has tubes in his ears now.

He did have yet another ear infection so is on antibiotics again.

We have to watch for bleeding and such like. And he's not to play soccer or engage in other active behaviours for about a week (not that at 19 months he's into soccer). :)

My mom-in-law came up to assist since we're all rather bagged.

Thank you for your prayers.


Dana said...

That doesn't sound like fun. I'm trying to think how to reason with a 19 month old boy about how it isn't a good idea to dive off one bed to land on another due to tubes in his ears, but maybe that is just what my son would do.

Hope it helps with the problems!

Annette said...

Dana, seeing as my boy can't jump from one bed to another, that part I won't have a problem,

Now...jumping off the coffee table to land in mommy's arms....that might be a bit more of a struggle....

Yesterday he was SO tired little scamp wouldn't go to sleep when yawning and put to bed. Finally crashed at 630.

Holly said...

Ah, you made it. I'm so relieved that is over for you!

What a brave little boy.

Praying for quick healing.

Annette said...

Yes Holly, he is a brave little boy. :) Thanks.

jen elslager said...

I'm so glad all went well. Still in my prayers...