Sunday, January 06, 2008

My Christmas Village

Yes, I know, Christmas has passed.

Today I put away the last of the Christmas stuff (well, except the cards, they will be up for at least another week or so). NO, wasn't working on Sunday, was just carrying stuff to the basement as I went to get food for supper. :) So I thought about my village and how much I liked it this year.

Anyways, I LOVE my village. Just love it. :) No, not all the pieces match perspective-wise, but I just love it. the houses, the people, the whole thing. And this year I did a good job of setting it up. I really tried anyways, and I managed for the most part to keep the boy child away from it.

see!I even have Christmas trees with lights! No, not the glowing ones, but nights none-the-less. :) and children skating, and getting their pictures taken, and mommies buying their children treats, and daddies bringing a Christmas tree home to decorate. :) Even carollers!

I even have a pond.
Do you see that horse in the front? yes I know, terribly out of perspective with the rest, but I LIKE IT! My hubbie got that for me this year!!!! :) Good taste eh? The boy child loved it. :)
And this year I put in a "mountain"
You can't see them here, but I even had skiers going down the slope. :)
And my mom-in-law gave me this, this year! It has a TRAIN in it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Took a while to get the train going, but it did. Then we had to take it away because a certain boy child thought the train should run over his finger repeatedly. AH!!! Then when we set it up to retake pictures (first blurry due to boy child finger prints on lens) it squeaked! Not good. Hoping the squeak goes away while sitting in village box over this next year.
Next year, I need a bigger table. Probably a whip to keep the boy child off it (no, not really). But a bigger table for sure (I used my scrapbooking table this year) and I'll need to figure out where to set it up. Hmmmm...I have a whole year to downsize the living room. :) Here's to finding a good table cheap somewhere. Doesn't have to be pretty, just functional.


jen said...

It's just darling, 'nets!

Annette said...

Thanks Jen. :)