Thursday, January 31, 2008

Interesting Posts - 2

So, here I was this morning, waiting for the boy child to wake up and killing time instead of working in the basement where I should be. Reading blogs is a great time waster. :)

Here's one I really liked. For the men....
Then there's a few others that were just thought-provoking in one way or the other...

The best gift to receive but the worst to give. Grace, easier to receive than to give?
Are you reading the white space. how to stay on track doing bible study.
Trust in the Lord. What heart decision are you making?
Why Worship?
What is Love?
Are we talking about the same God? I found the post interesting, the discussion seemed ah...not sure what to say about the discussion...
A picture of the biblical narrative. I just thought this was cool. Who might too. :)

Called to Love and faithfulness. Sometimes we just have to stop and think about what we are really called to. :)
Fruit. How to pray for your children.


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for including my article in your list. I really like the design of your blog. Did you do it yourself?

Annette said...'s just a standard blog template for blogger. Thanks anyways. :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed perusing these posts. Ta!

have you thought about joining in with the Super Sunday Spiritual Meme hosted at heartofwisdom?


Annette said...

I had never heard of Heart of wisdom and spiritual sunday meme. I'll have to think on it. :) Thanks for the suggestion. Glad you enjoyed looking around.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning the post. I hope it gets Christians thinking about what we can expect to gain by debating atheists.

I appreciated your comment, by the way.