Thursday, January 10, 2008

I was tempted to post this...

Yesterday I was ready to put out an all bulletin alert.

Justin's beloved TAGU has been missing.
We lost him Tuesday night.
We had a bereft little boy.
He thought mommy was mad at him and had taken his TAGU on him. Not sure where he got that idea, but he'd say .... Mommy happy? And when I'd say yes, Mommy is happy, he then ask, Where happy tagu? If I would then say....Where did Justin put Tagu because Mommy doesn't know where he is. His response would be downstairs? Mommy TAGU downstairs? Justin want Happy Tagu? Where my kitty?

We had him sleep with Sparks ..... a black stuffed kitty with a similar long stringey tail. But Sparks is NOT TAGU. And he very much wanted Tagu he did.

We had searched the house many a time for Justin's beloved no avail. NO tiger cat to be found anywhere. We knew Tagu had to be in the house somewhere because we hadn't gone anywhere on Tuesday or Wednesday. Tuesday Justin didn't leave the house even to walk the dog with me. ARGH!!! heartbreaking to have a sad little boy who wants his tagu so badly. .....but we couldn't find the stuffed tiger cat anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But then....... Jim found him. Oh my darling man found TAGU. He was hiding in the lazy boy. Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have him!!! We have him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah......I'll be able to make a little boy smile this morning. :) AH!!! Praise answer to prayer. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found him!!

My kids all have friends we have

Bear, Phantie (an Elephant) and DD a Dog.

If any of them got lost it would be panic stations!!

Annette said...

and I would TOTALLY understand.

Jim and I often say.....if only we had known that this 1.99 tiger cat would become so important...we would have purchased three or four of them. Ah well....lesson learned. :)