Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Start of the New Year

Okay, it's the start of the New Year.
For the last two years I have followed a bible reading plan. And though I have found it helpful in getting me to read through the bible over the course of a year, I have found that I can't just focus on something without breaking away from the plan, and then of course I get off track with reading.

To combat that a bit, last year I had started a private bible study with a couple of ladies, but that ended up not working out too well due to a variety of reasons. So when I was pondering what to do, I thought hmmm...why don't I restart that bible study, but do it here. I do so love in-depth bible study. I love doing one-on-one bible studies, but have, as of yet, not found someone in my local area to do one with.

You all our there in blog reader land are MORE than welcome to join in. Who knows, you might pick up something that I completely miss. I'm going to start in 1 Thessalonians and just read through to the end of the bible. The prospect of Revelations I find daunting, but ah well, Jim says he has a study that will make Revelations works for me so I will tackle that when I get there. I do most of my reading from the ESV translation of the bible but may occasionally look at other translations.

So please....join me as we do some deeper study into God's Word.

1 Thessalonians, an overview.

Paul wrote this book to the Thessalonian church.
It is one of the first books written by Paul. Probably written around a.d. 53.
BW Johnson tells me this:
Written only a short time after the church at Thessalonica was founded, and called forth by the trials and needs of a young congregation which he felt it in his heart to visit again, but was prevented, they illustrate the apostolic instruction given to a newly organized church, composed of Gentiles, suffering under the persecution of both Jewish and heathen adversaries. They are fresh in allusion to the experiences of Paul while among them, and reveal his deep solicitude when forced away.
And Wikible tells us:
Paul has many pleasant memories of the days he spent with the infant Thessalonian church. Their faith, hope, love, and perserverance in the face of persecution are exemplary. Paul's labors as a spiritual parent to the fledgling church have been richly rewarded, and his affection is visible in every line of his letter.

Paul encourages them to excel in their newfound faith, to increase in their love for one another, and to rejoice, pray, and give thanks always. He closes his letter with instruction regarding the return of the Lord, whose advent signifies hope and comfort for believers both living and dead.
So as I read this book, I expect to be encourage to keep on keeping on in my faith despite the stuff that happens around me. To care for my fellow believers. And to remember to be thankful in all that I do and have been given. Also to be reminded to keep looking forward to the return of Christ. :)

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