Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Men - bumbling idiots? I think not!

Good post over at Challies this morning.

Fits in well I think with a subject that's been weighing on my mind lately.

Why do so many shows and tv commercials show men in such a bad light?
Watching TV with Jim last night (heroes was on don't'cha know!) and there's this commercial which shows the dad as this total bumbling idiot. And more and more cmmercials seem to do that. The children have it all together, the wife is usually pretty competent, but usually the men are seen as stupid, hardly worth mentioning, rather demeaning manner.

Is this truly how the world sees men?

Does the world at large see men as objects of ridicule?

If so, they aught not.
And we as Christians aught to do the best we can to show our men in a good light. After all, they, as believers, represent God to the world. They really do! (not saying the women don't as well, but men do it in a special way).


Mmm said...

Another reason to turn off the TV! I notice thata in American in particular, the kids are really snotty know it all brats. I think our culture idealizes youth, thus kids are smarter than parents, and secondly, we idolize beauty and pleasure (which fair or not, women represent) and so they are esteeemed over men. We have to remember too there is a whole historical revisionism that everything is man's fault, and the world would be better if run by women and yet these same people generally hated Thatcher for one. I think the ads tear down whatever is esteemed as authority. It is a whole new world order in spirit. This can only come about after the foundations of our society are torn to shreds. It's a spiritual battle ultimately, that is what motivates people to consistently undermine what is genreally good--an at home Dad beig with his kids, but being the dumb one. It's not the attack itself but there are reasons why people think as they do....Ultimately, it's always got to be people's faults, and those are going to the people incharge, who have generally been men, but what is not seen in the larger picture--ultimately it's the whole of mankind's heart condition. We don't want to face the fact, it's not simply people. It's our complete fallen nature/spirit but we don't want to go there.

Annette said...

Yes, our fallen nature does pervade all aspects of society doesn't it?

I just think it's ... I want to say sad, but that's not what I really mean. It's discouraging to see men so downplayed in society. I need to not be remiss in correcting it when I do see it.