Sunday, October 07, 2007

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Just wanted to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving from
all us fine folks in Canada.

For my regular readers, if you want to read out my family
Thanksgiving, head on over to my other blog. :)


Kim from Hiraeth said...

OOpps! It 'snuck' up on me again! Last year I decided that we should celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with our Canadian friends. Too late to unthaw and roast a turkey, but I can do a chicken and dressing!

Have a great family day!

Annette said...

mmmmmm... Kim....Chicken and dressing... mmmm Like it I do! :) You can come over any time and celebrate this time of year with us.

Annette said...

well okay..i do have to correct that. I DON"T like stuffing. But I like, usually, all the other stuff that comes with it....taste of the bird, the smells, the veggies etc. I do have a potatoe stuffing that I do which I actually like...but not doing that this year.

Mmm said...

So when is Canadian thanksgiving then? Certainly a better time than ours here Stateside. Is it the same sort of food too?

Happy Thxgiving!!