Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Day or Two in my life

Well, I have an added bonus this morning... Sassy did not want to go for a long walk. Just a short walk around "the pond" and then home again. Just as we got home it started to drizzle in a serious manner so... I didn't get as wet as I would have if she had wanted to go for a longer walk. Rather cool how God planned that!

Took care of all the critters. The piggies need some new food so I'll need to get some of that today. Weird doing the mice this morning.... yesterday I sold my baby mice.... 34 of them! made $25.50. Can't complain about that! :) But now the pen looks so very empty! I can start feeding them less too, as the ladies made a mess having too much food! Silly mice.

Also picked up three VERY nice rabbits from a lady out in Glencoe (she met me in London). I hope to breed them and then sell the babies. Two of them are quite tame without a lot of attitude. One is just a tad bit attitudinal so I will need to be be careful handling her. They did quite well being in the shed last night. Now they are in the x-pen under a tarp on fresh grass. The tarp should protect them from the rain. :) Jim plans to build them a nice hutch soon.

I have to figure out how to move my rabbit pen with the baby rabbits. The brown baby startles easily and pops out of the nesting box when I move the cage, hard to catch, and when I do it just screams baby rabbit screams which isn't pleasant, so I have to figure something out to make that process easier for the baby (and me).

Did my physio yesterday. Will do a separate post on that since I want to document clearly the exercises she wants me to do.

That's it for an update.

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