Monday, October 22, 2007

Christian Carnival likes

First off a contest to enter: Book Contest at the Journey.
Then another contest over at Frog in my soup. Here's the link to Danger Rangers.

Anyways, the carnival is found here at brain cramps for God.

Wasn't too sure what I thought about this post on Teenagers and the Church. Seems to me that something is missing from the activity centered focus. If teenagers really want to worship God, shouldn't we be focusing on ways to help them do that? Amd to help them learn what true worship of God is? In light of that post, this one at Jody along the Path made sense, that another way to worship God is simply by being obedient. And to that end, do what this blog post your bible!

If you're been wanting to read through Future Grace by John Piper, this blog will help you go through it.

This post on dealing with sexuality made sense to me. posted at angelawd.

Free Money Finance asks a good question about pastors and salaries.

and that I think is it. There are other posts there that I thought weren't too bad, go read them! :) Encourage the bloggers by leaving a comment here and there. Cheers! I'm off to get my boyo out of the tub.

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