Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blog Action Day for the Environment

So apparently yesterday was a blog action day for the environment. You can find out about it here. As they say,
The best way to participate is to post on your blog something that relates to the environment. Your post can be about anything to do with the environment.
So, as a Christian, if I were to post about the environment, what should I post about?

Have to admit, I have no clue! :)

Well okay, here's what I think about the environment.
1. God made it. he had the whole world...just read about in Genesis 1 and 2, and elsewhere in Scripture where it talks about God as creator.
2. God gave us dominion over it. That means that we take care of it. Means we don't do things that will damage it over all. Means we act like we are supposed to.. we are to take care of it, not destroy it, realize that we don't have the end say in it all. Caretakers take care of things FOR someone else. Implies a higher level of responsibility I think.
3. God tells us something about himself in the world around us. Yes, it is open to interpretation because it is very much general revelation as opposed to specific, but we can still learn something of God from observing it.
4. It's not as bad as lots of people think it is. I think the world goes through vast weather cycles. I think the world can get cleaned up if we give it a fighting chance, BUT since sin pervades EVERY aspect of the world, it's not going to get the fighting chance, not in the long run of people being part of the equation.
5. That said, I still think we aught to do what we can to reduce our impact as sin-filled people, on the creation that God made. Join groups like freecyle or full circle to get rid of your stuff to someone else who might find it just what they are looking for. Use less paper. Reuse think. Make do with what yah got already.

All kinds of things to think about with the environment, that I think, is enough for me for today (even if I am one day late). :)

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