Friday, June 01, 2007

Our weekend Plans

This is where Jim and I will be this weekend. We are both volunteering.

Justin will be at Mom and Dad's (my parents) for the weekend.

The dogs will be at Mom's (Jim's parent) for the weekend. Eva will probably laugh when she sees Sassy. And that's okay. :)

I have to admit I"m rather nervous. They've asked me to gate steward most of the day on Saturday. Me... little old me, who has only gated for SMALL trials and who knows how "stressed out" people can get about this that and the other thing and that makes the gate steward a prime target. Ah well..... Hopefully I'll have fun anyways, if not... I can quit! (yeah right).

Why isn't Sassy participating you might ask?

1. They also compete on Sundays and with the regionals you pay for all the runs whether you play or not. And since I won't play on Sundays it would be wasted cash, and I'm just not big into that for some strange reason. :)
2. This year wasn't even an option as Sassy has been limping off and on her left back leg. Mind you after clipping her down....that might have been a hair problem....not sure. Will continue monitoring her.

Anyways, Jim got home safe and sound last night. He was very quiet.

I didn't sleep well because of the heat and someone took away the fan....have NO idea where it went...into the guest room perhaps? (Jim????) Happened while I was sleeping but I did wake up to ...huh? the fan? Ah well... hope he slept better than I did.

Anyways, need to go be productive. I tried doing my devotions but nothing is sticking in this tried brain OTHER THAN that fact that yesterday I made a booboo. Revelations 1 doesn't talk about the seven churches, it's Revelations 2 and 3 that do that. So my apologies for the error.

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