Saturday, April 28, 2007

Short book Meme

Short Book Meme

Hmm. I've been tagged. Always happy to join in when it's about books! Thanks Jen!

Name three characters (from books)...
1). You wish were real so you could meet them.

Oh my, this isn't so easy.
Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. Such a scared little fellow but always there for his mates.

Farseer, from the Robin Hobb farseer trilogy. Infected with both farseer magic and beast magic...his life takes all kinds of twists and spins and he ends up having more heart than you would imagine.

from Anne MacCaffrey's books. What can I say? Strong women character with the ability to fly a dragon.

Oh..and can I mention a fourth? (now that I'm on a role) Kay Scarpetta from Patricia Cornwell medical examiner thrillers. Strong woman, solves mysteries, fun.

2). You would like to be.

Hmmm....harder one this..
Who would I like to be?
Jaxom - yes, he's a guy, but he's this unsuspecting little guy, caught between two worlds who goes out of the way to break the rules in order to save another being. Oh, he's a character in Anne MacCaffrey's books.

Heidi - the whole world knows Heidi. Didn't she do a good job of caring for her friends and relations? :)

Timothy - (this one is for Justin). My boy loves this character by Rosemary Wells and he's a good one. Cares for his friends, can be mischievous, and is just a nice little coon. I could be him no probs! :)

3). Who scare you.

The unsleighe elves. no question on that. Loving to torture people just because it's fun. Fortunately written in a way I don't feel the pain that they inflict and their parts in books are usually small.

The bad guys in Steven Lawhead's first trilogy that I read. I have never re-read those books because I so disliked the bad guys. Don't know why I haven't tossed them out!

Kellerman wrote a book called Bad Love. The "bad guy" in that book was very bad. Pretended to be one thing, ended up being this nasty nasty fellow. Would NOT want to ever meet him. This book I even tossed after reading it (spent money on it to that's the shame). Just didn't want to risk reading of him again.


jen elslager said...

This was fun meme, eh?

Annette said...

yes it was. hard work too! :) Couldn't think of anyone to tag though....

Holly said...

Annette, just stopping by to say thanks for your prayers for us!