Thursday, June 28, 2007


Kim at the upward call put out a call for cat lovers to post a pic of their cats.

This is our Sparks. He is a 7 year old tom cat. He started off as my cat. Would listen to me, was relatively trained..... And then... he decided that he would be my husband's cat. The fellow who tolerates cats, but doesn't particularly love them. All training disappeared (other than the go on the table and you're dead) :) That seemed to stick for some reason.

He is a good solid tom cat. Likes to lie around the house. Will catch flies for us. Doesn't have nasty habits unless, like any tom cat I've met, you pet him wrong and he'll let you know that. Doesn't hover for extended petting sessions, but will just lie on my hubbie for hours (as long as hubbie doesn't move). Tolerates the boy child chasing him really well. AND doesn't have Pica which even though he does get the odd hair ball.....I'm not constantly having to pick up after him. :) A good thing that.

Here you see him with a previous cat. Kip was a cat we got from a rescue. He was an interesting cat that we ended up not keeping. He had PICA so would literally eat anything he could get down his throat and then would promptly toss his cookies. I didn't like it, could live with it, but when he decided that using a litter box was not something he was going to do He left our home for someone else's. He was a bug catcher extraordinaire and even caught a bat once. A cat who could hold a grudge. Nice meow. In many ways had an endearing personality, but he would NOT have been a cat for a boy child. But ah....his bug clearing abilities....we still miss those what with living next to a horse farm...we have too many flies...just too many. :)


jen elslager said...

How we do love the kitty photos!! :)

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Gorgeous kitties, both!

I totally understand the Kip situation. We told the boys (and ourselves) that we could tolerate just about anything from the animals except going in the house. No one could love their pets more than we do, but that's where I draw the line. Thankfully, the animals seem to understand where that line is because we've never had a problem.

Can't live with cat pee in the house, oh no, no, no.

Baxter said...

Hey, that pink comforter looks like my old one that I really liked!

We have a blonde Australian cattle dog (mix) whose name is Kip. Love that name.

I had two Siamese cats (Socs and Mitziko) that keep wetting in the house, we gave them away. I had another cat that kept pee-ing on my sofa, she had to leave too! I just never had success with cats except for the one when I was little that had the kittens on my lap.

Annette said...

That old comforter (actually peach/orange in colour).. was a really nice one until one day Sassy (as a puppy) got uh... a bit anxious about my absence shall we say..and well...she bit a hole through it. I had stuffing EVERYWHERE!!!!! Boy...she had "fun", and well... I guess you could say so did I. Fun being a somewhat relative term....

Still have it, but it has definitely been relegated to "for pet's use only". :)

So Baxter...are you going to put up inconspicuous pics of your dog? Would be lovely to see a non-PICA animal bearing the name of KIP. :)

Baxter said...

Yeah, I was thinking about it.